GRIP is a voluntary replacement insurance program offered by Cell Brokerage, LLC. By signing, you agree to pay (amount) per month for GRIP Phone Protection Insurance, and to receive automated updates via email regarding your account. You must notify Cell Brokerage, LLC in the event of a device change to ensure the correct device is insured. Coverage will remain in effect until cancelled by either party, according to the policy terms. If you wish to discontinue coverage, you must notify Cell Brokerage, LLC in writing or by phone. If you file a claim, an insurance deductible must be paid before receiving the replacement device and you agree to pay a salvage fee for any malfunctioning, unused or damaged replacement not returned within 15 days. You agree to return any defective replacement device(s) in their original condition within 15 days, or be charged a salvage fee. You understand that in the event it is necessary to institute legal proceedings to collect any amount due, Cell Brokerage, LLC shall be entitled to recover all costs incurred through judicial proceedings which may include 3rd party collection agencies and reasonable attorney fees. You will receive an SMS to your device upon enrollment to download and optionally register for GRIP Security as part of the GRIP coverage. Full coverage specifications are obtainable online at and may be updated periodically.


Please note: If your device requires diagnostics for enrollment, coverage will not be valid until your device passes the required test. Damage to your device prior to the validation of coverage will not be honored.


Your credit card ending in (last 4 digits) will be charged monthly fee for this device insurance. You further understand that your monthly credit card statement will show the monthly amount of (amount) charged by GRIP Phone Protection located in Las Vegas, NV. To cancel your policy at any time, you may call us at 866-664-4747 or send a request in writing to Cell Brokerage 9970 W Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129. Any prorated refund due will be credited to your card at the time the request has been received.


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