Auto Insurance

Protecting You and Yours When They’re Behind the Wheel 

Auto Insurance

Protecting You and Yours When They’re Behind the Wheel

Understanding Auto Insurance

No matter how experienced a driver may be, accidents happen. They may be due to weather conditions or road hazards, or they may be caused by distractions such as an alert from a mobile device or noisy kids in the back seat. Whatever the cause, an Auto Insurance policy can help cover costs related to an automobile accident. 

Choosing an Auto Insurance Policy

Most states require drivers to carry a minimum level of Liability Coverage, which can help cover damage to someone else’s automobile or personal property if you’re at fault in an accident. It also covers medical expenses related to injuries to others resulting from an accident. 

If you’re making payments on a vehicle you own or lease, Collision Coverage can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing that vehicle due to an accident or other covered loss. Comprehensive Coverage can help cover damage related to things such as an animal hitting the car, vandalism, hailstorms, or falling trees. 

Coverage is also available to help pay costs related to your own injuries if you’re involved in an accident and to cover the cost of a rental car. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage can help protect you if the at-fault driver either doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for your damages or medical expenses due to the accident. 

Most personal Auto Insurance Policies come with deductibles for which a driver is responsible before coverage applies. Deductibles and coverage levels will affect the cost of a policy. 


What We Do

The Insurance Pros at Cell Brokerage Agency specialize in providing affordable and customized insurance options and superior service to our clients. We partner with a variety of insurance providers, so you are presented with options that fit your needs (and budget).

Our Insurance Pros work with you to: 

  • Understand the types of coverage you need
  • Match you with a reputable insurance provider
  • Identify how much and what type of coverage you want/need
  • Bundle your plan with other types of coverage to maximize your savings

At Cell Brokerage, our clients are people, not policies. 

We’d love to exceed your expectations.

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