Boat Insurance

Stay Protected While Enjoying Life on the Water 

Boat Insurance

Stay Protected While Enjoying Life on the Water 

Understanding Boat Insurance

Many dream of spending weekends on the lake fishing, water skiing or simply hanging out with friends and family. Owning a boat can help make those dreams come true. 

But operating a boat can carry risks, and although some Homeowners Policies provide some coverage related to boats and personal watercraft, it’s likely inadequate for every situation and type of craft. Purchasing a separate Boat Insurance policy can keep you on calm seas in the event of an accident. 

Choosing a Boat Insurance Policy

Coverage varies depending on the type of policy, but in general, a Boat Insurance policy covers the cost of damages to your craft, including its hull, sails and machinery and damage to docks and other craft. In addition, a Boat Insurance policy can protect an owner from liability in the event of a fuel spill. 

Premiums for Boat Insurance policies are typically determined by the type of craft, its length and how its expected use. Engine horsepower, operator experience and the frequency of claims in the area where the boat will be used can also effect premiums. 

Consider the cost of Boat Insurance before buying a boat. And let us help you determine the coverage that best suits your needs and budget.


What We Do

The Insurance Pros at Cell Brokerage Agency specialize in providing affordable and customized insurance options and superior service to our clients. We partner with a variety of insurance providers, so you are presented with options that fit your needs (and budget).

Our Insurance Pros work with you to: 

  • Understand the types of coverage you need
  • Match you with a reputable insurance provider
  • Identify how much and what type of coverage you want/need
  • Bundle your plan with other types of coverage to maximize your savings

At Cell Brokerage, our clients are people, not policies. 

We’d love to exceed your expectations.

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