Pet Insurance

Help Provide Furry Family Members with the Care They Need 

Pet Insurance

Help Provide Furry Family Members with the Care They Need 

Understanding Pet Insurance

Those of us with pets know how important they are to our lives. Whether it’s a golden retriever or a Siamese cat, our fur babies are members of our family. And just like our human family, pets need medical care. Depending on the issue, a trip to the vet can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Choosing a Pet Insurance Policy

As with medical insurance, there are several different coverage options when it comes to Pet Insurance. The cost of a Pet Insurance policy will depend on the coverage you choose, age of your fur baby, and other factors.

An Accident-only policy can help cover expenses related to issues such as broken bones caused by a fall or injuries suffered in a car accident. Wellness Coverage can help pay for veterinary visits such annual check-ups, vaccinations and preventative medication, while illness coverage can help cover the cost of treatment if your pet gets sick.

Pet Insurance can reduce the financial strain when your pet gets sick or injured. But with so many options, you might need help deciding what’s best for your situation. That’s where we come in. Our insurance pros will listen to your needs and help match you to the most appropriate policy.


What We Do

The Insurance Pros at Cell Brokerage Agency specialize in providing affordable and customized insurance options and superior service to our clients. We partner with a variety of insurance providers, so you are presented with options that fit your needs (and budget).

Our Insurance Pros work with you to: 

  • Understand the types of coverage you need
  • Match you with a reputable insurance provider
  • Identify how much and what type of coverage you want/need
  • Bundle your plan with other types of coverage to maximize your savings

At Cell Brokerage, our clients are people, not policies. 

We’d love to exceed your expectations.

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