Restaurant Insurance

Coverage for Businesses in the Foodservice Industry

Restaurant Insurance

Coverage for Businesses in the Foodservice Industry

Understanding Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants are a fixture of life in America. Whether we go to the movies, attend a concert or visit a sports arena to cheer for our favorite team, a day out will likely involve a trip to our favorite restaurant. 

Those in the foodservice industry, though, know restaurants are exposed to risks well beyond those faced by many other types of businesses. In addition to issues such as accidents or property damage, restaurants need protection from claims related to foodborne illnesses and other foodservice-specific concerns. 

Choosing a Restaurant Insurance Policy

Along with to the General Liability and Property Coverage most businesses typically carry, foodservice operators should consider additional coverage specific to the type of restaurant they operate. 

If the restaurant serves alcohol, for example, an operator should consider carrying Liquor Liability Insurance. It is possible for someone to become intoxicated while dining in your restaurant and later be involved in a car accident and caused injury to a third party. Depending on the circumstances, you could be held liable for those injuries. 

Or suppose there was a power outage in your area and all the food in the freezer spoiled. Many policies exclude losses from power loss originating offsite, such as widespread storm damage, while others offer an endorsement that covers food spoilage caused by an off-premise power outage. 

What if the restaurant is forced to shut down for an extended period because of a fire, natural disaster or other disaster? Business Interruption Insurance can help make up for lost revenue due to an extended closure. 

And what if the restaurant offers delivery or operates a food truck? If a delivery vehicle or food truck is involved in an accident, the restaurant operator may be liable for damages even if the vehicle was covered under the driver’s personal policy. 

These are just a few of the concern’s restaurant operators need to consider before opening their doors. Others may arise depending on the type of restaurant. 


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