Connecting Today, Planning for Tomorrow


Connecting Today, Planning for Tomorrow

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Since 2009, our client-centric group of brands has been disrupting what it means to manage risks. As an idea company, our culture thrives on innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our ownership has built and invested in an abundance of highly successful companies. Linking our ecosystem of cells relies on a connected network of collaborative support making us an organization companies want to partner with.

We look different, because we are different.



At Apiar, we have a bias for action and accountability. With a local presence and a national footprint, we provide customized commercial risk management solutions. Our business segments give us the ability to offer proprietary insurance products and risk management services, making insurance work for you.

Let us bring our blend of intellect and innovation to your business landscape.

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Get Insurance Pros


At Get Insurance Pros, our personal lines insurance professionals are not all things to all people. That means we have insurance professionals who are industry experts in their field of insurance. It means that your unique insurance needs are paired with pros who understand you, your family and your business.

We are local, we are independent, and we have the experts.



We are fixated on providing modernized, affordable insurance and limited warranty options directly to consumers and within the enterprise, B2B space. Our devotion to purposeful expansion of our proprietary services and our suite of grip products to retailers, managed services, supply chain, and businesses around the country put us in a unique position to deliver high-value solutions to our partners.

We offer business and consumers a new and exciting way to insure the devices that drive our businesses and the business we serve.

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Help you find plans that fit your busy lifestyle.



Save up to 44% against leading device insurance competitors.


National Carrier

Provide coverage options in all
50 states.

We'd love to exceed your expectations.

Our agents are ready to help you with your insurance needs.

Our agents are ready to help you with your Insurance quote.

Pick the plan that's right for you.

We shop rates with multiple companies for you.

We specialize in providing affordable and customized insurance options and superior service to our clients. We partner with a variety of insurance providers, so you are presented with options that can fit your needs (and budget).

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