10 Tips to Save on Gas as Fuel Prices Increase

July 1, 2022

Are you frustrated at the pump with fuel prices? Is the current cost to fill up your vehicle hurting your wallet? If so, saving money on gas is probably a high priority for you in 2022. As auto insurance writers, we know a few things about saving money. Here are some surprising tips on how to save money without shopping around.

Are you frustrated at the pump with the current cost to fill up your vehicle? Saving money on gas has become a high priority for a lot of people in 2022. As auto insurers, we know a few things about saving money. Here are some surprising tips on how to save money by using less fuel.

Get more miles out of your current tank

1. Check your tire pressure. Believe it or not, the amount of air in your tires can impact how much gas your car uses. To avoid issues with handling or breaking check your tire pressure regularly. Another tip for saving money on gasoline is to make sure your tires are fully inflated. These regular steps will save you money at the pump, lower your fuel mileage, and protect you from blowouts.

2. Prioritize maintenance. Routine car maintenance is a great way to save money at the tank. Having a routine service plan will allow your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently. If you are not sure about how often to have a tune-up, check your owner's manual for recommendations.

3. Avoid drag. No one likes to put on weight. Especially your vehicle. Saving money on gas is a lot easier when your back seat and drunk are not causing drag. Drag occurs when your engine has to work harder because your vehicle is heavier. The more weight there is in your vehicle, the more gas you use. With fuel prices rising, you can also save money by rolling your windows up while traveling on highways. This will cut down on drag and save you money.

4. Cutting your car’s air conditioner usage can save you money. Because your engine will use more gas when it is continuously running, giving your air conditioner some time off will allow you to save money. Just like you, your car doesn't need to spend too much time in the sun. Parking in the shade or a covered garage can also keep your vehicle from wasting gas. Other tips to save on gas include turning off the air conditioning at least five minutes before you arrive at your destination.

5. Combine trips. It may be surprising to know, but when it comes to saving money all those short errands add up when you refill your tank. One of the best tips to save on gas is to combine your short trips into one longer one. This will not only save on fuel costs but will also help your engine because it won't need to warm up as often. When looking at ways to save on fuel prices consider running your errands during an off-peak time when there is not as much heavy traffic.

Reward Yourself

6. Start saving money on gas by joining a rewards program. If fuel prices have you down, reward yourself. Many tips to save on gas recommend taking advantage of the competition between gas station chains and joining a fuel rewards program. At a time when loyal customers are at a premium, your favorite gasoline outlet will offer you savings as compensation for your frequent visits. Although most rewards programs, like GasBuddy or ExxonMobil Rewards, will include their own set of rules, they generally offer returning patrons an opportunity to save money on gas.

7. Get a rewards credit card to fight gas prices. Although cash is king, many consumers are turning to credit cards that collect points that can be used towards future gasoline purchases. Racking up the points as you rack up the miles can lead to big savings. But, like with any consumer credit card, beware of high-interest rates. Also, make sure you pay off the balance in full each month.

8. Use cash instead of credit to save money on gas. If you want to score a lower price per gallon at the fuel pump, pay with cash. Many gasoline outlets will give you a price break when you pay with cold hard cash instead of a credit card. That way you save on fuel prices, and they get a break on paying credit card processing fees. To get the most savings, check with your gas station before you pay.

Change your Routine

9. Reduce your driving time. One way to save on gas prices is to carpool with local coworkers, neighbors, colleagues, or friends. You will still need to drive, but sharing the load means you save money while reducing wear and tear on your car.

10. Don’t waste time. Wasting time wastes gas. Believe it or not, one way of saving money on gas is to practice better time management. Starting your vehicle and leaving it running as you plan your route or wait for everyone to get in wastes gas. Waiting to start the car until you are ready saves money and fights pollution.

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